GALLERY #3 videos

"Crying in my Sleep"

Jeanie Tracy from the 1995 CD

"It's my Time"

  • written by: Scott Fuller, Neal Cavanaugh, Narada Michael Walden

  • produced and arranged by: Neal Cavanaugh and Scott Fuller

  • keys, key bass, drum programming and orchestration: Scott Fuller

  • sax: Marc Russo

  • backrounds: Annie Stocking and Sandy Griffith

"Do You Hear What I Hear"

Chris Camozzi from the 2001 CD

"Groovin' Jazz Christmas"

  • produced and arranged by: Scott Fuller & Chris Camozzi

  • all guitars by Chris Camozzi

  • Keyboards, programming and orchestration: Scott Fuller

"Take My Hand"

Scott Fuller feat. Robert Säll

(cover of Dune soundtrack end title song by TOTO) May 2018

  • produced, arranged & orchestrated by: Scott Fuller

  • guitars by Robert Säll

  • Keyboards & programming: Scott Fuller